Appreciate People (and they will help you grow)

Build people. Build value. Build business.

This is not a mere tagline or clever marketing claim. It is my passion and the cornerstone of my business!

After decades of frustration from working for other people in positions they created to ‘meet their needs’ only to be let go once priorities had changed; I realized how unappreciated the vast majority of us are.

The truth is that the vast majority of people want to be active contributors. We want to invest our mind, body, heart and spirit into meaningful work and appreciative leaders. Instead we are given demands of compliance at the lowest common level and are often recognized as only a small fraction of our abilities

  • We invest our time into learning multiple disciplines or get trained to cover other departments, but are often abused with extra workloads at disproportionate rates.
  • We invest passion into ideas that might improve the company performance, but are often abused with diminishing benefits and mass layoffs as our companies are ‘managed in and out of financial stability’.
  • We invest personal relationships and favors to secure lucrative sales contracts, but are often abused with non-solicitation agreements after an unanticipated termination.

By looking at the dreadfully low engagement rates of employees, I know that this is almost a universal problem. Businesses wanting to grow in this always-connected 21st Century need to find ways to appreciate the multitude of gifts that people bring each and every day. Overcoming these frustrations will tap into a new type of fuel that will thrust our businesses to new heights.

How much does it cost to show genuine appreciation, or to treat our people like the intelligent, passionate, creative, and caring human beings that we are?

That question was a key topic at a recent workshop led by my associate Derrick Jack. He provided the audience with this powerful information coming directly from research conducted by Gallup Organization.

30X improved results are commonplace when we embrace the following two ideas:
1) Commit to building on the strengths of an individual, and
2) Make them excited about their future.

While this speaks to every level of management in organizations; it also speaks to parents, teachers, peers, and friends as we each have the ability to incorporate these powerful ideas into each other’s lives.

The beauty of this approach is revealed when EVERYONE in the organization embraces it. I have witnessed these two simple concepts having the following impact:

  • Decrease employee turnover (almost immediately)
  • Increase quality and quantity of employee contributions
  • Increase quality and quantity of talent applications
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Decrease service calls, warranty claims, returns, and other costs of customer service
  • Increase customer testimonials and endorsements
  • Increase new customer referrals (current customers recommending new ones)
  • Decrease in sales, promotions, and market manipulations while increasing sales revenues.

After seeing this in action with a few clients, I was truly inspired to fully invest in the approach and not make it a prominent aspect of my business, but to teach it to clients as a tool to genuinely grow their business from the inside out.

I invite you to share your thoughts or stories on this topic in the discussion area.


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david r frick is a business artist and the founder of SuccessVentures – a consulting firm focused on helping owners and entrepreneurs create opportunities for transformational growth.
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David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business