Everyone Is Sales

Regardless of your role, title, authority, security clearance, or pay-grade; YOU ARE IN SALES.
If you are a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, brother, or sister; you are in sales.
If you are an owner, founder, entrepreneur, leader, or employee; you too are in sales.
If you have ever had a conversation with another human; you too were in sales.

Since you are here you might as well invest a few minutes to understand how the process works and create new ways to improve.

Sales is not a dirty four-letter word. It is a fundamental aspect of human communication focused on solving problems and improving situations for everyone. Think of it as an exchange of ideas and beliefs consummated by actions rather than transactions of goods/services for money.

In order to get better at sales, it helps to first get more focused on our own beliefs. And then become more skilled at communicating them to others.

Refining Your Beliefs
Beliefs form the basis for all our communication. They are the emotional weight that influences every one of our thoughts and actions. Perhaps the reason it takes children so long to begin to communicate is because they need to first form beliefs.

Our beliefs are formed from habits, from early experiences, trying to impress or connect with someone, etc. It really doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, only that you have them and know what they are.

Refining your beliefs is simply about focusing energy towards understanding them more clearly.

Great sales people, across all forums, have strong beliefs. They believe in themselves and their ability to add value to situations.

Improve Communication Skills
The biggest challenge with communication is in expressing our beliefs in ways other people will understand it. Communication is a form of art that is mastered by very few, despite the fact that we often have ‘perfect conversations’ with others on a regular enough basis.

Not only are great sales people great listeners; they also know how to adjust their messages to best suit the needs, desires, and mindsets of their audiences. One product can be represented in a variety of different ways that are all authentic, accurate, and valuable.

In a previous career, I sold hair products to salons. Though my products didn’t change, many of my clients bought because they needed high-performance tools; others purchased to support/reinforce environmental causes; still others invested in the retail benefit the exclusive products and services offered (exclusive meaning not available to mass retailers).

Sales is about making emotional connections with people – meeting them where they are – and leading them somewhere that benefits everyone involved.


Happy selling!

About David Frick
David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business