Gaining Momentum… Building A Better Workforce

One of the biggest challenges facing 21st Century Business is handling/managing/adjusting to the new ways we work.

The speed and availability of Internet is changing the shape and dynamic of ‘office’ environments. Even small companies are finding themselves recruiting and attracting talent on a global scale, contracting/outsourcing sensitive proprietary operations, and ‘hiring’ a variety of part-time and/or remote workers.

What sort of impact does this have on otherwise ‘traditional’ employees?

Molly Moseley, named by LinkedIn as one of its Top 10 Voices on Management and Corporate Culture published this article on 27 July about results of recent research by The Conference Board. While a rating of 50% workers disliking their jobs is a long-time low, it offers little excitement. She offers 6 simple tips to help create better environment.


On 28 July, Stephanie Vozza of FastCompany offers a couple solid suggestions for how small companies can attract and benefit from talent at tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook. It is an entirely different competitive marketplace that requires a different strategy. She suggests companies 1) stand firm on your mission, 2) put mission over money, 3) play up the right strengths, and 4) look in the right places. published a powerful article by Lou Adler on 28 July with the title, Why You Must Ban Skills And Experience To Hire Better People.


Perhaps these articles indicate the urgency in which we should replace our current (obviously broken) hiring and managing systems.

The themes of strengths, culture, authentic leadership, collaboration, incorporating technology (especially mobile) are playing out in big ways for businesses from 1 – 300,000 employees – all around the world. We are amidst a bold new environment filled with opportunity, creativity and life. Let’s make the most of it for everyone!

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