Incredibly Personal Business Relationships

This is about the best illustrated explanation I have ever seen. I would like to add Sales and Leadership to Geoff Welch’s explanation.

Truthfully, it has always been like this – impossible to separate customer service from marketing from sales from leadership. They are certainly not departments as they are hardly even different aspects of relationships between human beings. Trying to keep each of these in isolation only invites judgment, negative conflict, low quality, and poor interactions with the two most important groups of humans a business can have – employees and customers.

Now that you have a working model;
How are you going to change your business to prime it for growth?

In order to grow, 21st century businesses must find new ways to tap into the resources of both their employees and customers. It is not about coercing more effort, longer hours, or more repeat purchases. It is about connecting with them as human beings.

Customers can tell us who they are comparing for the purchase, and most importantly, why they are comparing. Purchasing decisions (business and personal) alike are made with emotions, and then justified through logic. Often it has more to do with their life and existing relationships than it has to do with your product or service.

Help them communicate the silent, subtle, immediate, and emotional reasons for the decisions and they will guide you to your next multi-billion offering.

Employees can tell you the best way to do their jobs. They can also tell you ways to make them happy and fully engaged. When they trust you and are given access to all information, they can (collectively and individually) solve any problem the business will ever face. What’s more, they will bring innovation after innovation to the company, help promote it with passion, and provide all the PR/publicity arsenal you need.

21st century business leaders know that each relationship is personal, intricate, and incredibly valuable. They strive to build quality relationships with their employees as they are the ones who have almost all the contact with customers.


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