Making Business Personal

Every aspect of business is personal – buying, selling, managing, accounting for costs, planning for growth, etc. It is personal because, no matter how much we automate it, business is driven BY humans, FOR humans. The more we connect, relate, and inspire humans, the better we will grow.

Yet, prevailing advice over the last couple decades, has been about the exact opposite.


Demographics used to be how we described and ‘understood’ our ideal audiences. Females with college degrees, zero children, age 25-40, and working professional careers is FAR TOO BROAD to gain deep insights. They do not all think or act similarly, nor do they believe or want the same things.

There is both too much variety in this audience, as well as enormous missing opportunities of efficient customers who do not fit this demographic. Yet, many businesses continue these dated methods (mostly because they are so heavily invested in them). it is wise to understand that the same things will not entice them or create interest.

21st Century businesses need to adjust their thinking towards attracting and engaging audiences based on activity like social media, subscriptions, membership programs, contextual web search, and plenty more lifestyle information. Access to this information is easily available and crucial to building audience segments that support future growth.


Even when ‘similar’ people are interested in your products, they would purchase it in very different manners. Where one might look for lowest price, or highest quality, others might be moved by the support of long-standing relationships and strategic partners. Some might be looking to purchase and have immediate use of a product (no shipping delay) and still another segment might only make the decision after extensive review of information.

MRI scans reveal that the part of our brain that makes decisions is the same part that controls our emotions. The decisions we make generally reflect the things that reduce stress and fear or actively increase our feelings of safety and connection. Being that individuals have different feelings about data and relationships, the process of distributing information can go a long way towards growing revenues.


I remember decades ago when I began learning how to set up mail-merge documents to allow us to insert key fields of personal information from a spreadsheet into a form letter. Between this level of customization and the variety of ‘handwriting’ fonts, we saw a significant increase in open rates, interest, and engagements.

Technology has advanced quite a bit now to allow us to personalize or customize many more aspects of our communications. Some of the most powerful aspects of customization is in determining what, when, how and how often certain information (or offers) is presented to our highly selected audiences.

Business growth plans are even more customized than marketing and communications plans. I take a wholistic approach to understanding your business before creating an approach that will reach your audiences as well as your objectives. Connect with me here and we can set up time to discuss details.

About David Frick
David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business