Spread L.O.V.E. Throughout Your Business

Rather than distributing cards, sweets, and such gifts around the office; I am trying a different approach and encouraging more business people to share some LOVE.

By love, I am referring to the feeling of personal connection or affectionate concern for the well-being for the other humans with whom we invest so much of our time and attention.

Isn’t this precisely the feeling we should have for the people we choose to serve, the people who interact with our customers, and otherwise make our business grow. When we look at it; our businesses would likely not exist if we didn’t have any customers, or suppliers. We certainly owe a lot to all those who help us do what it is that we love to do.

Here are four simple ways we can share a little LOVE around the office.


One of the best ways to show appreciation to another human is to listen to them. We have 2 ears and one mouth, some say that we should follow the anatomical balance and listen twice as much as we talk. Stephen Covey suggested we develop the excellent habit he called, ‘Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood’.

Extend this beyond personal connections and into digital ones as well. Social media profiles, customer reviews, emails, and surveys, are technological tools that help us become more efficient and effective at listening.


In order to truly listen, and understand someone else; we must first suspend our own agendas, judgments, criticisms; and open our mind to different possibilities, different situations, and vastly different experiences.

With a closed mind, we can assume right and wrong with absolute certainty. But an open mind makes room for interpretation, and can assume that people are doing the best they know how.


Each of us has a unique blend of strengths and experiences that are very valuable. And when we celebrate the contributions of another, we build stronger teams comprised of stronger individuals – whether the team is in businesses, sports, social, or home environments.

Everyone likes to receive sincere compliments (especially when given appropriately). From a financial standpoint, compliments are so amazing because they boost morale, productivity and profitability, without costing any money!


Humans are not just ‘doing machines’. We have incredible powers of creativity, dedication, and resourcefulness that can benefit all types of business relationships. But our ability to respond to situations is often limited by an imposed lack of trust, sharing of information, or mindless adherence to protocol.

Empowering people isn’t just a switch you can flip; it needs to be supported, encouraged, given guidelines, trained, and to ultimately become the prevailing culture of your organization.

Start today, when the momentum is strong; but make it a point to Listen with an Open mind, Value what people can do, and Empower them to respond on a daily basis.

We don’t need a holiday to share some LOVE, we can do it every day!

About David Frick
David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business

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