The Art of Becoming

Art is the result of discipline. And there is perhaps no art higher than living a good life and having a prosperous career. I use prosperous rather than successful because the latter is too often misrepresented as a destination to be reached.

Today I am sharing a short list of things I constantly strive to become. I find these easy enough to get started (regardless of where you might be), yet challenging enough to provide a lifetime of improvement.

Be Memorable.
Being memorable is a cornerstone for building trust. While anyone can gain a few moments of attention through a variety of temporary gimmicks (yelling, flashy colors, low prices, large media buys, etc.); this sort of attention doesn’t last very long and is memorable only on rare occasions. Being memorable requires emotion and context. The more you have of each one, the more memorable you will be

One of the easiest ways to be memorable is through generosity – give what you can freely, openly, and consistently. It can be money, time, expertise, advice, ideas, strengths, talents, smiles, hugs, or anything really. Give so that others may gain. Not so that you might get something in return.

Be Passionate.
Few things convey passion and excitement more than a genuine smile while doing work. Smiles and attitudes are so contagious they can even be transferred over the phone and email! Passions are the reason we invest more than we ‘should’. They also connect us with an almost unquenchable source of energy that lies within each of us.

Being passionate is about disregarding the advice and judgment of critics. This disregard is not for the sake of being contrary or obstinate. It is out of a desire to give more and make powerful emotional connections.

Be Engaging.
To occupy the attention of or become interlocked with another requires that we first know our self, our strengths, contributions, and value.

Ask sincere questions that open dialogue. Start with their wants, needs, expectations, budgets, time frames, and other design constraints, but don’t stop there. Being engaging isn’t about filling in text boxes of your CRM. It is about investing a few moments to make a genuine connection with another human.

The best way to be interesting is to start with being interested.

Be Authentic.
We live in a digital world where most of the planet has access to Internet. This means that our behaviors both on an off the clock are being used to form opinions about us as well as the businesses/ideas we represent. While it is crucial to be consistent in all of our efforts; it comes more naturally when we align our professional endeavors with our passions and strengths.


It is through becoming memorable, passionate, engaging, and authentic that we will find the personal and professional growth we seek. These are not a paint-by-numbers plan with boxes to be checked. They are life-long journeys that will change your heart. I urge you to share this with others so that they may enjoy the challenge of becoming as well.

About David Frick
David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business