The Power of 1

There is tremendous power in 1 connection, 1 client, and just 1 conversation

Too many people believe and repeat the false notion that sales and growth can be displayed as a smooth line or curve. Annual growth projections are broken down as quarterly, monthly, daily, and hourly goals or targets that indicate a smooth and predictable pace of growth.

It never seems to actually happen that way.

Growth for me has always been strongly indicated by a one pivotal point or interaction.

My first professional job after graduation was the result of just one volunteer project where I impacted the chairperson enough that she made one phone call to arrange one meeting. I was offered the position one week later.

Years later, I was ready for a change of industry. My largest client made one phone call and one week later I was on a plane for an in-person interview. One month later I had a new job and was off to the races.

Sales were building well and I was finding my stride! One afternoon (after meeting my daily objectives), I made one cold call to a place that had just recently opened. They became my biggest client that day; introduced me to 3 others who became major clients; and essentially earned me a victory in a sales contest that was an expenses-paid trip through Italy.

This notion of 1 connection, 1 client, and just 1 conversation has revealed itself to me time and time again throughout my career. As much as it is about them as one person or one client; it is about their connections and people they influence.

Many great writers have talked about similar concepts, giving popularity to terms like: innovators, pioneers, seekers, sneezers, mavens, connectors, evangelists, linchpins, rainmakers, networkers, and more. Yet the prevailing evidence seems to be trying to find and engage large masses to move at once. By trying to be all things to everyone, they wind up not being much to anyone.

As you embrace the idea of 1, you can begin to have more powerful conversations that dramatically impact people. The impact you have will prompt them to passionately share your message with others. Their genuine endorsement serves as social leverage that makes everything else happen.

There is some value in broadcasting messages to anyone who will tolerate or listen; like a single light bulb illuminates a room. It is not until we refine and focus that light that we get to attract attention. If you have ever seen a cat play and chase a laser pointer, you can get a good understanding of how the power of 1 connection, 1 client, and just 1 conversation can effect business.

About David Frick
David brings a holistic approach to business growth that unites advertising, marketing, sales with aspects of leadership and operations. As the founder of SuccessVentures, he is driven to help build people, build value, and build business