Tools For Building Business

Like building a house requires basic tools of hammers, saws, screwdrivers, etc.; building a business requires basic tools as well. This article brings up some of my most-used tools in helping businesses grow; dream, vision, passion, and voice.

The dreams we have while we sleep seem to regularly defy logic, are as fleeting as the wind, and don’t last very long. Even the most vivid and recurring ones seem to provide a glimpse of the raw power of our imaginations. Unless we focus energy towards refining them, dreams alone are not a suitable foundation for building a business, a legacy, or a reputation.

Vision is a detailed depiction of where we intend to go. This ‘place is far off into the future’ and impossible to see with naked eye. Just like explorers might use telescopes, we too can use our imagination to peer into the world that does not yet exist and describe what we intend to create.

Visions inspire more people than dreams do because they provide enough context for people to understand and buy-in; yet leave enough openness for others to invest their emotions, ideas, and actions. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may have used the word dream in his famous speech in DC; but he was truly talking about his vision for equality that his children could experience and enjoy. His simple words continue to inspire millions who make continuous strides towards their interpretation of his vision.

In the business world, few get a chance to develop such vision as we are under such pressure to produce ‘the old way’. When you do get the opportunity to develop and share your vision, the following tools will be quite handy.

Passion is a deep yearning or an omni-present urging to engage or pursue in an activity longer than most suggest is reasonable. The deep connection we have to certain things influences all of our decisions (some are blatant while others are very subtle). The simplest explanation I have is that we do it because it gives us incredible amounts of pleasure. I have yet to hear any evidence that suggests we have a maximum on the number of passions or a finite amount of energy that can be derived/invested into them.

When we talk about our passions with people who believe remotely similarly; we can assemble powerful crowds.

Our voice is how we speak. It can actually be the vibration of vocal cords that produces sounds and words, or it could be our actions that produce results and memories. I firmly believe that producing memories is one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals or collections of people.

For too many, growing their business is merely a dream – random glimpses of what could be scattered about like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle dumped from the box. Invest time into refining your imagination and you will begin to see a clearer vision and find it easier to not only invest your passions, but garner the diverse passions of others. As you prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge of communicating your vision, invest further time to developing your voice (words, presentation, and actions to support) as well as the voice of others.

These investments will provide substantial emotional, physical, and financial returns!


In case you were wondering; we work with clients of all sizes to help develop their dreams, visions, passions and voices as they truly are fundamental tools to business growth.


david r frick is a business artist, strategist, and the founder of SuccessVentures where he helps businesses evolve operations, communications, and leadership into ways that better meet the needs of the 21st Century. Comment below, or send direct message with any questions or comments.

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